PT. Kemasindo Indah Triutama
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Fulfilling customers' needs is the Company's main objective. Every feedback will be given full attention for improvement action. By having vast technical and practical knowledge, all parties involved will do their best to accommodate customers' requirements in given condition. All these experiences have challenged our team to be ready anytime.

Apart of the role of the Marketing Team, the Company is also supported by experienced Managers with individual expertise. Distinct responsibility of each employee, covering activities like production, supporting function, supervising, quality control and inventory, are among others of such important role.

The Company's main objective is to improve quality. Quality improvement is not regarded as "FINAL GOAL", but instead, as an on-going "PROCESS". The company has implemented Quality Management System ISO9001:2008. Certification obtained by end 2004 from UKAS (GB) through URS. All related function have similar mission, which is, to provide the best in fulfilling Customers' needs.

The Company appreciates employees as valuable assets. Training is provided when necessary, in complying with packaging industry development requirement, in facing the era of globalization.

Customers are from various industries, such as chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages. There are also customers from industry of motor vehicle spare-parts, technical items, and aqua culture.